Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change Your Life Teleclass Ends

Well I had my last Change Your Life teleclass last night. It's always bittersweet when something ends. It is a form of loss, yet I was blessed to meet such wonderful ladies and get to know them! A big thanks and hugs of gratitude to Anne Elise, Penny, Faithe, Carolyn, and Kim who showed great integrity and courage to share their thoughts and hearts week after week. You ladies rock!!

If you missed the final call last night, the replay number can be found at the CYL site I set up for the call. You can link to it at the links on the right side of this page.

Also, if you want to see all the homework exercises we had during the 15 weeks, please check that out on that site as well. I will be taking that information down at some point, so if you want to see it, don't wait too long.

Part of our discussion last night was about contentment. So as a Stress Less tip, I will leave you today with my quote from the call...
"Contentment means practicing being present, not living in the past or future, but savoring the moment you are in right now."

Find some contentment today.

And if this is a challenge for you, I'd be happy to support you as your coach to learn how to bring more contentment into your life.

Have a beautiful day!

Sandy :)
P.S. And if anyone would like to share their thoughts about the CYL class, feel free to share it here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scary Sight, Good Ending

Yesterday I was at my favorite beach location, resting and reading in my car. As I was about to leave, a Police car, Fire Truck, and Paramedic van all pulled into the parking lot with their lights on. A minute later another Police car and State Parks truck pulled up.

As I looked toward the ocean, folks were standing looking out. Curiosity got the best of me so I went to see what was happening.

There in the water about 300 feet out was a lone man, waving his arms. He was being tossled by the waves and was being pulled out to sea.

The paramedics ran down the hill to the shore and then stayed there. One girl said to the one in charge, "Can't someone go in and get him now?" They couldn't. They knew if someone tried to swim in, they too could become a victim of the rip tide. The rescue workers needed to wait for the Coast Guard or a jet ski to help the young man. The Coast Guard had already been called to help and were on their way.

As I looked, I wondered what the young man must be thinking, seeing people on shore and no one coming in to help him. He must have felt scared, tired, and alone, and extremely vulnerable to the sea (and 54-degree temp). He couldn't know that people were working to get him out, and others (like me) were praying for his safety.

A couple of surfers (no one had surfboards with them - amazingly enough) ran down to the shore to try to get him to swim sideways, parallel to the shore, which is how you swim out of a rip current. They were waving to him like airport guides, signalling him to go to the left.

He was tired, yet he seemed to catch on and started swimming sideways. Pretty soon, he got closer, but as he swam forward and the wave pushed him, the tide would retreat and pull him back again.

But he didn't give up. Slowly stoke by stroke, he got closer, until about 10 feet out where the Paramedics and onlookers pulled him onshore. They gave him medical attention right away. He made it. He was safe. I felt relief and joy.

As I thought about this later, I started to think... When have I felt alone and vulnerable, tossed around by the waves of the day? Like the boogie boarder who lost his board and felt alone in the water, there was much help there for him. I know there are many people and universal help behind the scenes supporting me in ways I may never see. Something for me to remember.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Temptations - Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance

I had great fun and the privilege of attending The Temptations Show last night with my husband. It was fantastic! Lots of great songs to sing along to.

One of the five Temptations is a long time friend of my husband. It was really great to see Terry perform and dance those Temptation moves!

He got us backstage passes so we were able to visit with him for a bit after the show and meet the other Temptations before they headed on the road again.

It was fun to get up and sing and dance along with some of the songs, so my Stress Less invitation to you today is to find some music you like and sing and/or move your body to the rhythm of the beat! And if you have a partner or kids, you can have them join you. :)

Until next time, take care!

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Sandy :)


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