Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change Your Life Teleclass Ends

Well I had my last Change Your Life teleclass last night. It's always bittersweet when something ends. It is a form of loss, yet I was blessed to meet such wonderful ladies and get to know them! A big thanks and hugs of gratitude to Anne Elise, Penny, Faithe, Carolyn, and Kim who showed great integrity and courage to share their thoughts and hearts week after week. You ladies rock!!

If you missed the final call last night, the replay number can be found at the CYL site I set up for the call. You can link to it at the links on the right side of this page.

Also, if you want to see all the homework exercises we had during the 15 weeks, please check that out on that site as well. I will be taking that information down at some point, so if you want to see it, don't wait too long.

Part of our discussion last night was about contentment. So as a Stress Less tip, I will leave you today with my quote from the call...
"Contentment means practicing being present, not living in the past or future, but savoring the moment you are in right now."

Find some contentment today.

And if this is a challenge for you, I'd be happy to support you as your coach to learn how to bring more contentment into your life.

Have a beautiful day!

Sandy :)
P.S. And if anyone would like to share their thoughts about the CYL class, feel free to share it here.


  1. The Change Your Life Teleclass was awesome. I learned so many new tools to use in my life. Sandy was such a great combination of coach and cheerleader. She is such a good listener. It was a great group of girls that meshed so well with each other.
    I could have gone another 15 weeks. Every week I looked forward to our teleclass and the new chapters we would be discussing. It seemed like there were always new challenges that we discussed, but then we learned so many different paths to take that were tailored to each of us individually. That was a unique opportunity. Love, love, loved the class!!

  2. Thanks idahogirl! You were a delight on the call! Thanks for the compliments, and I'm really glad this class was so supportive for you. :)

  3. I agree with Idahogirl! I think another 15 weeks would have been wonderful! My friend Kim told me about the Teleclass and after the first time I called in I knew it was exactly what I needed! Every Tuesday I dropped everything to get on the call.. even on St.Patrick's day (I'm 100% Irish), I was out with a friend and it came close to the call time and I raced home to call in. Sandy has such a way of asking the right questions to get you to really identify what's going on in a specific issue! I had many A-HA moments on the call and she is so supportive and kind that lets you know she really cares! Also, everyone on the call gave such great examples from their own lives about the topic we were talking about that it helped me see things in a different perspective! (It was also a bonus that we're both nurses so I felt like she really knew where I was coming from). What a great experience! I can't wait for the next Teleclass!! -Carolyn :-)