Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are You a Dreamer or a Doubter?

I remember a line at the end of the movie "Pretty Woman" where a colorful street man is saying "Welcome to Hollywood. What's your dream?"

So what is your dream? Do you have one? Have you given up on one because it wasn't practical or realistic?

I had the opportunity last night to attend a local networking meeting where Marcia Wieder was the speaker. Marcia is known as the Dream Coach. I first met Marcia back in 1993 when she had just published her first book "Make Your Dreams Come True." Back then, my dream was to become a speaker and do workshops like she did. I started that path and 3 years later was a workshop speaker at the same conference as Marcia, and shared with her the path I had followed to pursue that dream. Serendipitous how that worked out. :)

Eventually that path led me to my new dream of coaching, which is my joy and what I do now, even though I still speak occasionally and lead teleclasses now.

So it was nice to meet once again and hear her speak. And I had an ah-ha moment while she was talking. She said that in order to dream you have to be willing to risk, and to risk you have to be able to trust yourself, which is where the voice of the doubter comes in.

My ah-ha was that this is what I do and continues to be my dream - to help people learn to trust and believe in themselves, and hear their inner voice of truth (which is much quieter than the voice of the doubter). It was a moment of clarity - one that I've really known, yet not been able to voice so clearly. Very cool - thanks Marcia! Because you can't risk or go for your dreams without belief in yourself - and that's what I help people do.

So as I continue to share my Stress Less Tips, they are ultimately to help you learn to connect with your voice of truth, so you can grow in self-trust and belief in yourself.

My Stress Less Tip for you today is to ask yourself: What is my dream (or dreams)? And as Marcia would say - "Are you more committed to your dreams or the voice of the doubter?"

Dream on!
Sandy :)
P.S. Marcia has a free offer for some ebooks if you are interested. You can find them here.

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